Alexa Answers: Is Amazon Trying To Keep This A Secret?

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Updated:  March 11, 2021

Alexa is far from perfect.

If you’ve used Alexa for even a day, you know this.

However, now you can help fix this!  Amazon recently launched Alexa Answers, a new platform where you can answers questions Alexa could not.

Even better, you’ll see the impact of your answers through points, leaderboards, and of course, hearing your answers on your own Amazon Echo speakers!

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The Basics

What Is Alexa Answers?

Have you ever been frustrated by Alexa’s (lack of) answer?

If so, Amazon has a new website where you can vent that frustration productively:

Alexa Answers is a website created by Amazon where users can respond to questions that had previously stumped Alexa.

The Questions On "Alexa Answers"

The questions on Alexa Answers are real questions that users have asked Alexa.

If enough users ask Alexa a question that she cannot answer, Amazon posts it on the site for user input.

Below you’ll find a snapshot of the questions at the top of my feed.

A sampling of the questions from the Alexa Answers program
A sampling of the questions listed on Alexa Answers

Question Topics

You can also filter the questions by topic:

  1.   Animals
  2.   Climate
  3.   Film & TV
  4.   Food
  5.   Geography
  6.   History
  7.   Literature
  8.   Miscellaneous
  9.   Music
  10.   Science
  11.   Sports
  12.   Video Games
Alexa Answers Categories

Question Tags

And questions can be tagged in four different ways:

The different types of questions on Alexa Answers
  • Unanswered
  • New
  • Popular =  a question with a lot of answering activity
  • Hot = one that Alexa users ask frequently.  So if your answer goes live, it’s likely to be heard many times!

Personalizing Your Questions

A super helpful feature is that you can personalize the questions (by category) that show up in your feed.

Simply click the “Customize” link in the “Questions for You” section.

You can then select 3 or more categories that interest you and these will prioritize be prioritized in your feed

How To Follow Questions

To follow a question click the “Star” icon on the question detail page.

Once you do, it will show up in the “Followed” tab.

FYI, you will also receive a notification when a new answer goes live on a question you follow.

Alexa Answers Questions Followed

How To Provide Answers

OK, let’s dig in to the fun part – answering questions on Alexa Answers.

How Do I Contribute Answers?

To contribute answers, simply click the “Answer” button, either on listed questions or on a question detail page.

Type you answer into the submission box and submit it when you are ready.

What Happens After Submission?

After you submit an answer, it will be reviewed before going live.  During this time it is visible on the site but it is not being shared by Alexa.

Answers are reviewed for quality by a combination of automated systems, community members, and Alexa Answers moderators before going live.

If your answer is accepted, it may be made available on Alexa next time a user asks the question you answered.

You can tell that your answer is available for Alexa to use if the blue “Live” icon appears below your answer.

What Makes A Good Answer?

Good answers respond to the question briefly, directly, and accurately, in a contributor’s own words.

Of course, they should not contain content that is obscene, threatening, defamatory, privacy-invasive, or infringing of intellectual property rights.

To learn more writing and rating answers please see the Answer Guidelines.

Your Impact on Alexa Answers

On your profile page, you can see the impact you’ve had on the Alexa Answers platform.

Your profile page shows: 

  • The answers you’ve contributed
  • The number of your answers that have been rated
  • The points you’ve earned
  • The number of shares by Alexa
Alexa Answers Profile Page

Your profile page also shows the badges you’ve earned, including:

  • Getting Started Badges
  • Answer Badges
  • Ratings Badges
  • Specialist Badges
Alexa Answers - Answer, Ratings, and Specialist Badges


And that about does it for this guide!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Warm Regards,
The Commands Guru

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