Alexa Commands for Spotify: 13 Easy Ones To Start [2021]

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Updated: July 29, 2021

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming music services on the platform.

So when smart speakers first emerged in the mid-2010’s, consumers immediately sought to play Spotify on their Echo devices and use Alexa commands for Spotify to control their music hands-free.

Spotify quickly developed this integration, and as a result, has been one of the most popular services used with Alexa (music or otherwise!)

Let’s dive in!

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    The Basics

    Using Alexa With Spotify

    Spotify is a freemium service, which means it has both:

    • A free version, which includes basic features, with advertisements and limited control over your library and settings
    • A paid version, which gives you offline listening and ad-free listening

    For those new to Alexa or streaming music, see below several FAQs about the Spotify Alexa integration.

    Yes!  Spotify is available on the following Amazon devices:


    • Amazon Echo
    • Amazon Echo Dot
    • Amazon Echo Show
    • Amazon Fire TV Cube
    • Amazon Tap (discontinued)
    • Amazon Echo Spot (discontinued)

    Yes!  Both the free and paid versions of Spotify can be streamed on the Alexa devices listed in the question above.  Spotify Premium users have had this feature available since 2016 and free users have had it since 2019.

    Not very easily, unfortunately.  Echo devices let you switch user profiles in the Alexa app, so if you linked two separate Amazon accounts with different Spotify accounts, then the answer would be yes.  In this case, you would would have to switch user profiles to switch to the other Spotify account.

    Voice Commands

    Alexa Commands For Spotify

    Without further ado, here is the full list of Alexa voice commands for using Spotify on your Amazon Echo device, broken down into three sections by type of request:

    1. Choosing Music
    2. Asking About Music
    3. Playing Music

    Choosing Music

    • Alexa, play [title/artist] from Spotify
    • Alexa, play [album] from Spotify
    • Alexa, play [genre] from Spotify

    Asking About Music

    • Alexa, who is this?
    • Alexa, what song is this?
    • Alexa, when did this song / album come out?

    Playing Music

    • Alexa, play
    • Alexa, stop
    • Alexa, pause
    • Alexa, volume up / down
    • Alexa, set volume to level [number]
    • Alexa, shuffle
    • Alexa, stop shuffle

    Cheat Sheet

    Printable List of Alexa Spotify Commands

    Younger generations may roll their eyes at the thought of using a paper document.

    However, when it comes to using Alexa, there are few things more annoying than hearing, “Hmm, I’m not sure what you mean” when you expected a voice command to work. 

    Until Alexa’s ability to understand our day-to-day speech improves, we’ll have to make do with memorizing the specific commands she understands.

    Woman having fun using a smart speaker
    Alexa may not be the sharpest listener, but if you learn to speak her language, she can be a real asset

    A printed list of these commands, easily accessible where you need them, can make it easier for the whole family to learn voice control and will spare you the frustration of misunderstood commands.

    If I’ve managed to convince you, simply click on the snapshot below and a printable PDF list of these commands will open in a new tab.

    [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Alexa Commands for Spotify (Printable List)”]


    Spotify is a billion dollar company that has always been on the leading edge of technology, so it’s no surprise it integrates so well with Amazon Echo smart speakers.

    And Spotify may be getting even more tech-savvy, as it’s rumored to be developing its on voice assistant.  If it does, we’ll be sure to update your here!

    Seniors using a remote who would benefit from LG TV Alexa commands
    Voice control is wonderful if you have limited mobility

    More Entertainment a la Alexa

    Finally, if you like controlling your music with your voice, it’s not a far stretch that you might like controlling your TV with your voice.  Is it necessary?  No.  Do we all deserve a little TLC (tender loving convenience) after a rough 2020?  Absolutely.

    See below our guides to the leading smart TVs and streaming add-on devices (which can be a great way to add voice control to your TV if you have an older non-wifi-enabled TV).

    And that should do it for this guide!  If you have any questions or suggestions (for example, a device you would like to see us cover), please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.
    Otherwise, enjoy these Alexa commands for Spotify!
    Warm Regards,
    The Commands Guru
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