Alexa Commands For Roomba: The 21 Best For 2021

vacuum with your voice with alexa roomba commands!

Updated: March 2, 2021

You will be tempted to make a mess on purpose.

That’s how good it feels to summon your vacuum with your voice.

And to spread the good feels, we created this guide to Alexa Roomba commands.  After reading it, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  1. Compatibility: does Roomba work with Alexa?
  2. Set-Up: how do I set up Alexa with Roomba?
  3. Voice Commands: which voice commands can I use with Roomba? 

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Alexa Smart Home Devices
The Basics

Using Alexa With Your iRobot Roomba

Let’s start with the very basics: what is a Roomba?

Roombas are iRobot’s line of robot vacuums, which were launched in 2002.

They are some of the most advanced robot vacuums on the market.  They can map out your home and, after learning your cleaning habits, offer custom cleaning recommendations.  (For example, pointing out heavier areas of dirt and dust, and offering to vacuum those areas on a stronger setting).

Do Roombas Work With Alexa?

All wifi-enabled Roombas work with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant (as well as Google Assistant).

Roomba can even understand Alexa commands spoken in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Which Roombas Are Wifi-Enabled?

Set-Up Instructions

How To Connect Alexa To Your Roomba

Alexa can do quite a bit by herself, but her value really skyrockets when you connect her to additional smart home products.

“Alexa skills” (i.e., apps for voice assistants) enable Alexa to communicate with these third-party smart home products.  They can be downloaded from the Alexa Skills Store.

The iRobot Alexa Skill

iRobot Home Alexa Skill

Alexa skills are fairly new, so their quality can vary quite a bit.  (In fact, the majority of Alexa Skills have a rating of ~3 stars or fewer.)

iRobot, however, has been the exception.

The iRobot Home Alexa Skill has a whopping 42,000+ reviews and averages over 4 stars.  If you’ve ever visited the Alexa Skills Store, you’ll understand how impressive that is!

How To Connect Roomba To Alexa

Connecting your Roomba to Alexa is painless.  Below you'll find screenshots and quick instructions that walk you through this.

Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Enable the iRobot Skill
Search for and enable the iRobot Alexa skill within the Alexa app
iRobot Alexa Skill download page with the Alexa skill store
2. Sign-In To iRobot Account
Sign in to your iRobot account using the same credentials you use for your iRobot app.
IMG 1651
3. Confirm Accounts Linked
You will then see this screen, indicating that your accounts have been linked. Click done.
iRobot Alexa Skill account linked successfully
4. Alexa Will Discover Your Roomba
On the next screen, select "Discover Devices" and will begin to look for your device. (Note: make sure that your Roomba and Alexa devices are on the same wifi network.). In less than a minute, Alexa should discover your Roomba and you will be all set!
Discover devices screen within the Alexa app

Voice Commands

Alexa Roomba Commands

Now that your devices are linked, you’re all set to vacuum hands-free with Alexa commands.

You can use these voice commands to, for example:

  • Control a current cleaning
  • Check the status or location of your Roomba
  • Call your vacuum to a specific room (or spot within a room!)
  • Schedule future cleanings

1. Control Cleanings

Start / Stop

  • Alexa, ask Roomba to start vacuuming
  • Alexa, tell Roomba to stop cleaning

Pause / Resume

  • Alexa, tell Roomba to pause vacuuming
  • Alexa, tell Roomba to resume cleaning

Send To Charging Base

  • Alexa, tell Roomba to go home
  • Alexa, tell Roomba to go recharge
  • Alexa, tell iRobot to return to its dock

Cleaning Specific Zones

  • Alexa, ask Roomba to vacuum the den
  • Alexa, tell Roomba there is a mess in the office and den
  • Alexa, tell Roomba to vacuum in front of the couch

2. Check Status & Location


  • Alexa, ask Roomba what it’s doing
  • Alexa, ask Roomba if it’s done yet

Locate / Stop Locate

  • Alexa, ask Roomba where it is
  • Alexa, ask Roomba to sing for me
  • Alexa, tell Roomba I found it
  • Alexa, tell Roomba to be quiet

3. Schedule Future Cleanings


  • Alexa, tell Roomba to list my cleaning schedule
  • Alexa, ask Roomba to schedule vacuuming
  • Alexa, tell Roomba to schedule cleaning in the kitchen on Mondays at 10am
  • Alexa, tell Roomba to cancel vacuuming on Tuesdays

That's all she wrote...


And that should do it for this guide to Alexa Roomba commands!

We hope you enjoyed it and that it adds a little more convenience and productivity to your 2021.

If you’re hooked on these voice superpowers and looking for more areas to exercise them, be sure to check out some of our other smart home commands guides below:

Finally, if you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment here.

Otherwise, give those hands a break, vacuum with your voice, and we hope to see you back here soon!

Warm Regards,
The Commands Guru


  1. iRobot Support Pages
  2. Alexa Skills Store: iRobot
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