18 Useful Samsung TV Alexa Commands (Remotes Are For Chumps)

With Alexa samsung tv commands you do not have to lift a finger

Updated: July 29, 2021

When you’re dead tired at the end of the week and the TV remote control is nowhere in sight, it’s a real luxury to have a smart TV that uses voice commands.

But why is this guide not about Samsung’s voice assistant, Bixby?  Well, to be blunt, Bixby in five years is going to be about as relevant as Betamax is now.

So invest in your relationship with Alexa and read on for the 17 Alexa Samsung TV commands that will have you on your way to remote-free living in no time!

The Basics...

Can Alexa Control My Samsung TV?

Let’s start with the biggest question on people’s minds: “can I use Alexa to control my Samsung TV?”  The answer is a clear “yes” if you bought your TV in the last three years.


 All 2018-2019 Samsung TVs are Alexa-compatible.  And the more recent 2020 and 2021 Samsung models do you one better: they have Alexa built-in.

2018 & 2019 Samsung TVs Are Alexa-Compatible

With Alexa-compatible Samsung TVs, you have to bring Alexa to the party yourself.  (BYOA?).  Meaning, you have to link an Alexa speaker to your TV in order to use Alexa voice commands.

Luckily, this takes less than 2 minutes to set up and any Alexa speaker, new or old, will do.

For example, an Echo Dot, Echo Show or any other Alexa-enabled speaker.  Even a third-party speaker that has Alexa built-in, such as a Sonos One or Sonos Move, will do!

2020-2021 Samsung TVs Have Alexa Built-In

For 2020 or 2021 Samsung TVs, you’re all set out-of-the-box since you have an Alexa speaker built into your TV.

(The only thing you have to do is make Alexa your default voice assistant in your TV’s settings. After that, you’ll be all set to use Alexa voice commands to control your TV.)

Voice Commands

Alexa Commands For Samsung Smart TVs

Speaking of those, see below the full list of voice commands you can use with your Samsung smart TV, categorized by type.

  1. Power
  2. Input
  3. Channel
  4. Volume
  5. Playback

Finally, make sure to replace “TV” below with the name you’ve assigned to your TV!

Power Controls

  • Alexa, turn on [TV]
  • Alexa, turn off [TV]

Input Controls

  • Alexa, change the input to HDMI1
  • Alexa, set the input to [name]

Channel Controls

  •  Alexa, change channel to [#] on [TV]
  • Alexa, next channel on [TV]
  • Alexa, channel up / down on [TV]

Volume Controls

  • Alexa, lower the volume on [TV]
  • Alexa, turn the volume up [#] on [TV]
  • Alexa, volume up on [TV] by [#]
  • Alexa, change the volume to [#] on [TV]
  • Alexa, set the volume of [TV] to [#]
  • Alexa, mute [TV]
  • Alexa, unmute [TV]

Playback Control

  • Alexa, play / pause / resume / stop [TV]
  • Alexa, fast forward / rewind on [TV]
  • Alexa, go forward / back on [TV]
  • Alexa, next song / photo / video on [TV]

That's all she wrote!


From busy moms on the lookout for more efficiency to seniors seeking accessibility benefits, voice control over your TV can be a wonderful convenience.

(Maybe even for wives whose husbands leave the TV on downstairs…)

Seniors using a remote who would benefit from LG TV Alexa commands
Voice control is wonderful if you have limited mobility

And if you’re lucky enough to have either a second smart TV (e.g., a recent Vizio or LG TV) or a streaming media player, like the Roku Streaming Stick+ or the Amazon Fire TV Stick), be sure to check out our related Alexa commands guides.

Otherwise, rest those fingers, relish these Alexa Samsung TV commands, and we hope to see you back here soon!

Warm Regards,
The Commands Guru


  1. Samsung Documentation (here and here)
  2. Samsung TV User Manuals
  3. Samsung SmartThings Alexa skill
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