33 Best Alexa STAR WARS Easter Eggs, Quizzes, & Skills

Star Wars Secrets Are Within Alexa

Updated: July 29, 2021

A short time ago in a galaxy very, very home to us, Amazon built a voice assistant named Alexa.  

And apparently, her developers were big Star Wars fans because Alexa’s code is packed with Star Wars Easter eggs.

And thus, this guide was born.

Let’s dive in.

The Overview

Alexa & Star Wars

There are three ways that Star Wars fans can get their fix with their Amazon Alexa voice assistant:

1. Audiobooks: Audible has a massive collection of Star Wars audiobooks you can enjoy on Alexa (of course, many of these go beyond the canon).

2. Easter eggs:  When prompted with specific voice commands, Alexa will reveal her hidden Star Wars savvy and deliver an on-point response. (These unexpected, unadvertised features are called "Easter eggs".)

3.  Alexa Skills:  Finally, you can enjoy a number of Star Wars Alexa skills (i.e., "apps" for Alexa) on your Echo devices, including trivia, jokes, and more.

Do I Need A Specific Alexa Device?

Nope!  While it’s most common to use Alexa on an Amazon Echo smart speaker (like the Amazon Echo Dot or Echo Show), you can enjoy this Star Wars entertainment a la Alexa from any Alexa-enabled device.

This could be the Alexa app on your iPhone or Android or a 3rd-party product that has Alexa built-in (e.g., Sonos One speakers or FitBit Versa smartwatches).

Voice Commands

25 Star Wars Easter Eggs

Below you’ll find three sets of voice commands to ask Alexa:

  1. Jokes & Trivia
  2. Star Wars Questions
  3. Star Wars Quotes

Star Wars Jokes & Trivia

  • Alexa, tell me a Star Wars joke.
  • Alexa, tell me a Star Wars quote.
  • Alexa, tell me a Star Wars fact.
  • Alexa, what’s the best Star Wars movie?

Star Wars Questions

  • Alexa, can you talk like Yoda?
  • Alexa, teach me a jedi mind trick.
  • Alexa, what is the jedi code?
  • Alexa, what is the sith code?
  • Alexa, who shot first?
  • Alexa, what is the Millenium Falcon?
  • Alexa, who is Darth Vader?
  • Alexa, what are the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field?

Star Wars Quotes

  • Alexa, may the Force be with you.
  • Alexa, use the force.
  • Alexa, he can go about his business.
  • Alexa, move along.
  • Alexa, I’ve got a bad feeling about this.
  • Alexa, aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?
  • Alexa, that’s no moon.
  • Alexa, execute order 66.
  • Alexa, do, or do not.
  • Alexa, I am your father.
  • Alexa, it’s a trap!
  • Alexa, you don’t need to see his identification.
  • Alexa, these aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

"Apps" For Alexa

The Best Star Wars Alexa Skills

If you’re still hungry for more after those Easter eggs, there are a variety of Star Wars-themed Alexa skills for you to consume.

There are 46 of these within the Alexa Skills Store.  Below you’ll find our six favorites.

1. R2-D2 Talk

This lovable droid from the first scene of the first Star Wars film is now a little closer to reality.

You can use this skill to talk to R2-D2 through Alexa.  Perfect for some good-natured entertainment during lockdown.

To launch this skill, you can say either:

  • Alexa, launch R2-D2 Talk
R2D2 Talk Alexa Skill

# of Ratings: 1,178
Rating: 4.5 stars

2. Chewbacca Chat

Chewbacca Chat Alexa Skill

# of Ratings: 486
Rating: 4.5 stars

Another very well-rated skill is The Chewbacca Chat Alexa skill, which allows you to have a back and forth conversation with this equally lovable wookiee. 

You can tell Chewbacca Star Wars quotes and try to find the six hidden Easter egg quotes within this skill.  To find out more, say “Alexa, ask Chewbacca Chat to tell me about the easter eggs.”

Or to launch this skill from the beginning, simply ask Alexa:

  • Alexa, launch Chewbacca Chat

3. Star Wars Trivia

The “Star Wars Trivia” Alexa skills allows you to test your knowledge of the Star Wars films.  For example:

  • How big were the wamp rats that Luke could bullseye?
  • Was it the T-16 or T-18 that he flew while doing it?

To launch this skill, simply ask Alexa:

  • Alexa, Open Star Wars Trivia
Star Wars Trivia Alexa Skill

# of Ratings: 1,291
Rating: 4.0 stars

4. Star Wars Facts

Star Wars Facts Alexa Skills

# of Ratings: 615
Rating: 4.0 stars

The “Star Wars Facts” skill, on the other hand, removes the guesswork and offers you little-known facts about the Star Wars universe at your whim.

To launch this skill, simply ask Alexa:

  • Alexa, Open Star Wars Facts

5. Star Wars Quotes

If you’re specifically a quotes junkie, the “Star Wars Quotes” Alexa skill might be the one for you.

It does what it says on the metaphorical box and no more.  It simply offers you memorable, nostalgia-inducing line after line, pulled from every one of the Star Wars movies.  

To launch the skill, simply ask Alexa:

  • Alexa, Open Star Wars Quotes
Star Wars Quotes Alexa Skills 02 07 at 20.59

# of Ratings: 349
Rating: 4.0 stars

6. Tell Lord Vader

Tell Lord Vader Alexa Skill

# of Ratings: 292
Rating: 4.0 stars

This final skill allows you to have a conversation with Lord Vader.

You can “Tell Lord Vader” a variety of quotes from The Empire Strikes Back and Alexa will respond in kind with Vader’s lines.

To launch the skill, simply ask Alexa:

  • Alexa, launch Lord Vader


Whether you just got an Alexa device this Holiday season or you’ve been an avid user for years, we hope you found something new and entertaining within this guide!  And if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send us an email.

Finally, if you’re craving more Alexa entertainment, enjoy some more Alexa entertainment:

Otherwise, may these Alexa Star Wars commands be with you and we hope to see you back here soon!
Warm Regards,
The Commands Guru
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