Alexa XBOX Commands: The 14 Best For 2021

alexa xbox commands

Updated:  March 11, 2021

We created this guide to Alexa Xbox commands to offer consumers a way to efficiently learn the voice commands they need.

After going through this guide, you should understand:

  • The compatibility of Xbox consoles with smart home platforms
  • How to set up voice control with your Xbox
  • The full set of Alexa voice commands for Xbox consoles (including a printable cheat)

Let’s dive in.

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Alexa & Xbox: The Basics

Xbox One Consoles Are Alexa-Compatible

With the Xbox Skill for Alexa, you’ll have full voice control over your Xbox One.

With any Alexa-enabled device or the Alexa app for iOS or Android, you’ll be able to power your console on/off, launch games/apps, and play videos, among other options.

Setting Up The Xbox Skill for Alexa

To get started, open the Alexa Skills store on your Alexa app.  Search for the Xbox One Alexa skill, tap “Enable Skill”, and then sign in with the Microsoft account you’re using on that console.

Alexa will now search for your Xbox console.  (Make sure it’s on the same wifi network!) 

Once found, you can change the device name of your Xbox or add additional consoles.

Alexa & Xbox Commands

To learn what the Xbox skill can do, just say “Alexa, ask Xbox what can I say?

Here are some Alexa Xbox commands to get you started, categorized into two sections:

  1. Standard commands
  2. Advanced commands
Man Using voice commands Commands To Control TV
Alexa Xbox Commands

Standard Commands

  • Alexa, tell Xbox to turn on.
  • Alexa, tell Xbox to turn off.
  • Alexa, tell Xbox to pause.
  • Alexa, tell Xbox to resume.
  • Alexa, tell Xbox to turn it up.
  • Alexa, tell Xbox to turn volume down 5.
  • Alexa, tell Xbox to record that.
  • Alexa, tell Xbox to start a party.

Note: Both “Tell Xbox” and “Ask Xbox” work for standard command

Alexa Xbox Commands

Advanced Commands

  • Alexa, tell Xbox to record that.
  • Alexa, tell Xbox to start a party.
  • Alexa, tell Xbox to launch [Forza Horizon 4].
  • Alexa, tell Xbox to launch [Netflix].


And that should do it for this guide!  We hope you enjoyed this guide to Alexa Xbox commands.  And of course, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Finally, if you’re interested in more examples of smart home voice control, check out our many other Alexa commands guides by using the drop-down menus at the top or bottom of the page.
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Until then, go on and master these Alexa Xbox commands!
Warm Regards,
The Commands Guru
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