Samuel L Jackson On Alexa: 36 Hilarious Commands [Some R-Rated!]

Samuel L Jackson recording his Voice for Alexa

Updated: July 29, 2021

Samuel L Jackson must have been P.O.-ed…

He’s been unstoppable in Hollywood for thirty years.  His movies have grossed more than any actor all time.  ($7.4 billion…)

But then Amazon botches the launch of his Alexa skill.  And suddenly, SLJ sees the first 1-star reviews of his life.

Thankfully, the most recent version of the Alexa skill is fantastic.

And it includes even more of the funny, sarcastic, and now explicit Samuel L Jackson Alexa commands (or “Hey Samuel” commands) you’ll love.

Let’s dive in.

An Overview

Celebrity Voices On Alexa

Amazon unveiled a lot of surprises at its annual hardware event in 2019.  A new Echo Show.  Echo Frames.  Echo Buds.  More things Echo…

And finally, one that came out of left field:

Users would soon be able to replace Alexa’s voice with celebrity voices.  

And the first celebrity to have this honor?

Samuel L Jackson.

Set-Up Instructions

The Samuel L Jackson Alexa Skill

Some quick context before you set up the Samuel L Jackson Alexa skill on your Echo device:

  1. What is it actually?  The Samuel L Jackson voice is an Alexa skill  (skills are like the apps for your smartphone, but for Alexa)
  2. Where can I get it?  You can enable it in the Alexa Skills Store for $4.99.  (Yup, that’s a little steep… But since I’m not being gouged every day for coffee anymore, so I figured I’d let myself take a gouge here.) 
  3. Which device(s) can I use it on?  You can use it on any Alexa-enabled device.  Most people use an Echo speaker or display, but it also works on dozens of other Alexa-enabled devices.

How To Set Up The Samuel L Jackson Skill

Below you'll find step-by-step instructions for adding the Samuel L Jackson celebrity voice skill to your Echo device(s).

Warning: this may be the easiest product set-up you've ever done.

Time Needed: 1 minute
Total Cost: 4.99 $

1. Ask Alexa to enable the "Hey Samuel" skill
The first step is to ask Alexa to begin set-up. To do so, say either, "Alexa, enable Hey Samuel" or "Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L Jackson."
Samuel L Jackson Celebrity Voice skill home page
2. Confirm Payment
Alexa will tell you that the skill costs $4.99 and ask if you want to purchase it.

If you say "yes," Alexa will charge the default payment method on your Amazon account and email you a receipt.
3. Explicit Content Settings
Next, Samuel will let you know that he occasionally "uses words that are not suitable for all ages." (Read: he drops a lot of F-bombs.) He will then ask you if you would like to continue with the explicit version.

Two important footnotes here:

1. If you say "no," you can still use the skill. You'll just get a PG version of Sam's responses.

2. Second, if you end up changing your mind, you can always enable or disable explicit content in the Alexa app. Just go to your app's Settings and select "Voice Responses" to access the page shown below.
Explicit content settings for celebrity voices
4. Finish Set-Up
If you allow explicit content, Samuel will mark the occasion with a four-letter word and then ask you if you would like to activate his custom wake word "Hey Samuel."

After you say "yes," you're done!

Now, go on and rile up your personal A-list comedian. See the next section for a list of the 36 best things to ask Samuel L Jackson.
Explicit Samuel L Jackson Alexa Commands
5. [Optional] Add Samuel To More Devices
To add Samuel to additional Echo devices, just say, "Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L Jackson," to each speaker and Alexa will bring Samuel onto that speaker.

Note: You will NOT have to pay again to add the skill to additional devices (as long as all devices are registered to the same Amazon account).
"Hey Samuel" Commands

The 36 Best Things To Ask Samuel L Jackson

Without further ado, see below our list of the 36 best Samuel L Jackson commands, categorized into five groups:

  • Getting Started With Samuel
  • Samuel Gets Explicit (!)
  • Making Small Talk
  • Getting To Know Samuel
  • Samuel’s Favorite Thing

Samuel L Jackson Alexa Commands

Getting Started With Samuel

  • Hey Samuel, tell me a joke.
  • Hey Samuel, what’s the weather?
  • Hey Samuel, roast me!
  • Hey Samuel, quote Pulp Fiction.
  • Hey Samuel, tell me a story.
  • Hey Samuel, give me advice.
  • Hey Samuel, sing happy birthday.
  • Hey Samuel, what time is it?
  • Hey Samuel, what’s your favorite word?
  • Hey Samuel, play some music.
  • Hey Samuel, set a 10 minute timer.

Samuel L Jackson Alexa Commands

Samuel Gets Explicit (!)

  • Hey Samuel, are you having a good day?
  • Hey Samuel, are you mad?
  • Hey Samuel, what’s your favorite skill?
  • Hey Samuel, what’s in your wallet?
  • Hey Samuel, what do you think of snakes?
  • Hey Samuel, who is your favorite Star Wars character?
  • Hey Samuel, how many times was the f-word said in Pulp Fiction?

Samuel L Jackson Alexa Commands

Small Talk With Samuel

  • Hey Samuel, hello!
  • Hey Samuel, good morning.
  • Hey Samuel, what did you do today?
  • Hey Samuel, pull my finger.
  • Hey Samuel, tell my kids to go to bed.
  • Hey Samuel, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

Samuel L Jackson Alexa Commands

Get To Know Samuel

  • Hey Samuel, did you always want to be an actor?
  • Hey Samuel, what was it like making Star Wars?
  • Hey Samuel, what’s the secret to your success?
  • Hey Samuel, how did you get the part of Nick Fury?
Samuel L Jackson Alexa Commands

Samuel's Favorites

  • Hey Samuel, what’s your favorite line?
  • Hey Samuel, what’s your favorite book?
  • Hey Samuel, what’s your favorite drink?
  • Hey Samuel, what’s your favorite game?
  • Hey Samuel, what’s your favorite video game?
  • Hey Samuel, what’s your favorite ice cream?
  • Hey Samuel, what’s your favorite vacation spot?
  • Hey Samuel, what’s your favorite TV show?


And that’s the meat of it!

If for any reason, the skill really wasn’t your thing,  Amazon customer service is generally good about digital product refunds, especially if it’s a low-dollar item and you this is only your first or second time asking.  Just open a chat session with them, and you should be set within 5 mins.

Finally, if Mace Windu whet your appetite for more entertainment a la Alexa, check out our guides to:

Otherwise, remember to say “Hey Samuel” instead of “Alexa,” cross your fingers for another celebrity voice skill in 2021, and we hope to see you back here soon!

Warm Regards,
The Commands Guru

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